A Peek Into Co-operative Living

The Fish House is a co-op in Berkeley (CA) made up of eight lovely house mates. These individuals share similar values and decided to come together to make collective choices to live more sustainably. This includes a recycling and re-using scheme, obtaining food from quality sources, growing some of their own greens, keeping chickens for eggs, reducing water use, etc. A lot of collaboration goes into this style of community living, with each member contributing equally (i.e. with a weekly chore and cooking rota).

I’ve been lucky enough to make friends with this cool bunch of people, and have been exposed to how much this sense of community can empower an individual’s efforts at being sustainable. This style of living may be radical in modern capitalist society – but it’s worth exposing yourself to and perhaps learning from, even if it’s not ‘for you’ personally.




2 thoughts on “A Peek Into Co-operative Living

  1. Even eco thinking aside, I like the whole home-made vibe of this place. It makes me feel like in a balanced, sustainable world where everyone can eat and sleep under a roof, most homes would probably be like this: simple, functional, more mechanical and less electrical.

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    1. Yeah! Well maybe choosing to live more sustainably is choosing to live in a more simple way in some aspects. I feel like the more control you take in providing and creating for yourself rather than purchasing, the more back to basics and pure it can be…


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