Recycled & Found-Object Art at Albany Bulb

The Albany Bulb is a cool funky spot in the Bay Area. It sits near the water with gorgeous views, and forms part of the many walking places along the bay. In the 60s it was used as a landfill for construction debris, so there’s a lot of concrete and other materials in and amongst the shoreline. It’s now a great site for urban art spotting; graffiti artists have painted many of the concrete slabs, and others have made sculptures out of recycled materials such as bike parts, metals, wood, etc.

The energy was vibrant with many colours, textures and patterns to be seen, but also calming due to the natural sights and sounds. The space is a cool amalgamation of different artists’ imprints on the land. Using found objects, both man-made and natural, allows the art to be formed in response to what already existed within the space. The site has seen different stages in its lifecycle, from its initial use as a dumping site, to a place for urban artists to make their mark, to a space for dog walking, and so on.

I wanted to see the photographs in black and white so the shapes and textures of the art with the natural backgrounds could really be noticed without the distraction of many colours. I like that with the black and white, and different sized photographs, you need to look closer at each individual image to decipher some of what is being shown. And in viewing these photographs and interpreting the imagery, you are forming a small part of the site’s life also!




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