The Lifecycle of an Object & Alternative Markets

My background in archaeology informs the way I think about sustainability. I think it’s interesting to consider the lifecycle of the objects that we interact with from being made, transported, purchased/obtained, used, kept, trashed or recycled.

These images were collected from a few sessions of wandering around the Berkeley Flea Market at Ashby Bart, and a visit to the East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse. It was cool to see how the items were presented, and to visualise things put into collections or lined up alongside something completely different.

These objects had all seen the initial stages of their lifecycle, and were being passed on for a secondary or tertiary stage in a form of alternative market. When something becomes used, old, forgotten (etc.) by you it doesn’t just disappear from earth. It ends up living another life somewhere.



Berkeley Flea Market

East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse 

I cannot recommend this place highly enough! You will find a range of creative recycled materials, along with random household items. It is extremely cheap and a good place to source things in their second phase of life if there’s no need to buy new (for example paper, cards, plastic tubs, egg cartons, chalks, etc…) You can also donate a decent range of recyclables which is a nice way of getting things out of your space without simply throwing away.



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