What I Eat in a Day – Ideas for World Meat Free Day

Monday June 13th is World Meat Free Day. Never heard of it before? Nor me until it popped up on Facebook a few minutes ago… I’m glad it did because it gave me impetus to write a “What I eat in a day” sort of post – with meal and snack suggestions to take you through an entire day meat free. I’m a vegetarian so meat isn’t part of my diet anyway, some of these recipes will have dairy in though. If you are a meat eater interested in giving yourself the challenge to go a day entirely without, these are yummy, healthy recipes you should try! This post comes in advance so you can go stock up your kitchen with ingredients and get ready for Monday.


I am one of those people who gets up and eats within 30 minutes, I never used to be this way but over the years my body has been trained to be hungry in the morning which I think is a good thing. My typical breakfast is oatmeal with some fruits/seeds/nuts.

While boiling some oats in a saucepan, chop up some dates, prunes, raisins (whatever you like) and throw them in to stew a bit while the oats cook. Once finished, I like to add some chopped nuts (my favourites in oatmeal are almonds and pecans), and a sprinkle of chia seeds and flax seeds. Then top it off with some almond milk, and add cinnamon if you like it extra sweet! Yum yum.



I eat multiple times a day, my metabolism is fast so I pretty much am munching on something every couple of hours. In the mornings I love to have a smoothie as a snack if there’s time or you can prepare it before going to work/uni and bring it with you. Into my smoothies go: frozen berries, banana, kale or spinach, chia seeds, hemp protein powder, a bit of organic natural yogurt and some water. Blend it all up for a healthy refreshing snack!



I’m not a huge fan of lunch, and often find it difficult to come up with healthy, diverse ideas day to day. I normally end up having a mezze or assortment of different little things that compliment each other. For example: one piece of wholemeal pita bread, houmous (I am yet to make my own but this is something I plan to do sometime!), some raw veggies, and maybe a few slices of cheddar or mozzarella cheese.



I like to have dried or fresh fruit and nuts as snacks. Pistachio and cashew nuts are good for munching on, as are dried apricots or prunes, or a combo like an apple with peanut butter!



One of my favourite go to meals is fajitas! Super simple, all I do is sauté onion and bell pepper, once softened add in mushrooms, season with some salt, pepper, cayenne pepper, chili (fresh or powder) and cilantro (coriander), add in a tin of chopped tomatoes (continue to season sauce if needed) and some kidney beans. Add a little lemon or lime to the mix. Simmer for a while to let the beans and veg fully soak up the flavours. Heat up some tortillas, and tuck the filling inside with some cheddar cheese sprinkled on top. Delicioso.

This is something both of my brothers will eat despite being huge meat eaters – so that must mean it’s truly scrumptious 😉 It’s also easy to reheat and have the next day for lunch or dinner.


Hope these recipes are enjoyed. If anyone goes Meat Free on Monday with their own concoctions feel free to share!




World Meat Free Day website


Meredith Leigh on being an ethical meat consumer







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