London; a Visual Ethnology

Earlier this month I visited the exhibition Strange and Familiar: Britain as Revealed by International Photographers at the Barbican. It was interesting to see a range of photographers’ visual experience of Britain at various stages of the Twentieth Century.

After my post Embracing Shifting Identities and the recent ‘Leave’ outcome of the EU Referendum, I decided to explore London through my dual citizen lens (which gives me a certain level of detachment). I made a point to notice things that have become normal to me – things that I pass by or interact with regularly in my London life and take for granted their contribution to my experience of Britishness.

I have created a (spontaneous and concise) visual ethnology of London. (No claims this is comprehensive – it could never really be.)

Take a look at the textures, colours, symbols, signs, etc. Are they familiar? How are they similar to what you are used to seeing? How are they different to what you are used to seeing? Have you taken the time to notice these details lately, or similarly mundane details from normal life? What can this body of photographs inform you about London? What space is created for you to interpret London life? Are you filling in the blanks where certain information has not been provided?


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