Black Lives Matter Rally, London 2016

These photos were mainly taken with my iPhone at the Black Lives Matter rally through Central London today (June 10th 2016). I just wanted to capture some of the messages and vibes people brought. It was super peaceful and the theme of unity rang through. I was glad to join with Brits to stand in solidarity with the United States. There was space held for existing police prejudice in the UK at this rally also.

There’s still a lot of backlash to the #BlackLivesMatter movement – people seem to find the phrase threatening. Yes, all lives matter. Of course they do. The issue though, is that black people regularly face a type of discrimination and prejudice that white people will never experience in their lives.

To my fellow white people – being an ally to this movement is not renouncing your rights (they are existing steadfast don’t you worry), it is demonstrating solidarity with this deserved cause. We are in a position of privilege to draw further attention to this issue, and hold the individuals & systems perpetrating this injustice accountable. So let’s do so.

I hope that in sharing these images viewers will get woke, investigate, share, speak out and stay safe.



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