Shout Out to My Girlies

(You know who you are)

I just finished the book Moving Toward the Millionth Circle: Energizing the Global Women’s Movement by Jean Shinoda Bolen. It made me think about the powerful effect that supportive circles of women can have, not only on the individuals themselves but on the larger wellbeing of the world.

Empathy, compassion, kindness, intuition – these energies are all stereotypically related to ‘the feminine’ and are sincerely constructive in breaking down negativity, hate and fear.

The book got me to reflect on my recent interactions with my main sistas/chicas/galpals. The time we make for each other, the care, acceptance and trust we give each other, the laughter we exchange, and the growth we encourage – these are all incredible elements of my female friendships that I am dang grateful for.

“Love is the only source of energy that is not zero-sum…the more love I give you, the more I have myself, and the more you will have, and the more there will be in the world” (Bolen, 2013: 26) – this statement carries a lot of truth.

In creating strong bonds of love “women help each other to belong to themselves” (Louise Bernikow, quoted by Uplift) and, I believe, to meet their true potential. This love can then be transferred to the wellbeing of the world, through vibes and practical action.

I know this is an ultra hippie-fied approach and may not be accessible to everyone… but if you relate at all to what I am saying, then with the promise of a supportive circle backing you up, consider tapping into the following mindset:

What would I do today if I were brave?

What if we all meant to do what we secretly dream?

If I refused to listen to the voice of fear?

and listened to the voice of courage whispering in my ear?

And never lose faith even when losing my way?

-Jana Stanfield (quoted in Moving Toward the Millionth Circle)



Moving Toward the Millionth Circle; Energizing the Global Women’s Movement by Jean Shinoda Bolen, M.D. 2013, Conari Press


Why Women Need a Tribe by Tanja Taljaard and Azriel Re’Shel, 2016,



2 thoughts on “Shout Out to My Girlies

  1. I LOVE this post… somehow I missed it before. In my life, it’s the circles of women that have always gotten me through. I’m glad you have that too!

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