Exploring Mindfulness

Mindfulness is something I’ve been thinking about and practicing over the past couple years in one form or another. Over time and where I’m at now, it has become a more tangible and definable state of being. The more I strengthen my mindfulness practice the more engrained it is in my every day life, and is something I can never lose.

For me mindfulness and looking after my wellbeing is about self-awareness (noticing how I feel in situations), self-care (knowing what I need to feel comfortable or happy, and creating that for myself), connecting to other people and the world, approaching situations with empathy and understanding, feeling grateful often, and paying attention to life as it is happening right now.

It’s not easy because most of our brains are trained to be ‘multi-tasking’. Going about our daily routines on autopilot while running a million thoughts through our heads: What should I make for dinner tonight? I wish I was back on my holiday last month where I had so much fun… I hope that conversation I have to have with my boss goes well next week, but it could be really hard… What’s that song again? Fa La La La La… I need to get to the gym soon…

So it’s about re-training our minds, re-introducing focus on the present moments we are living, moments that we will never get back. And we can all achieve this with practice, which is so exciting!

Everyone in the world genuinely deserves to experience life in a mindful and present way, to find gratitude and beauty in small things, and to gain the sense of fulfilment that this brings. (Even Donald Trump- and let’s be honest, if he practiced mindfulness and was truly fulfilled he probably would be a heck of a different person).

We are alive! This is not a passive state of being, do not let it become one!


I’ve just begun a training course for leading Wellbeing Sessions with young people. During this course I will strengthen my conception of mindfulness and my mindfulness practice, as well as develop an ability to introduce and support wellbeing in young people. I’m super excited about this, and happy to discuss this further with anyone interested!

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2 thoughts on “Exploring Mindfulness

  1. +1 for mindfulness. Something I find weird is the perception of time in daily life. I remember in particular in elementary school that summer vacation felt endless. I felt bored enough at some point to be ready for school to begin again! For many years now my working day is a flurry of activity which often feels over before it started. And years seem to elapse quicker. Which is kind of stressful as I get older. I want to maximize life. Two years of emotional trauma, anxiety and confusion have started to be remedied by awareness techniques. And in this I feel as if a connection to time itself is a partial outcome. Taking a moment to simply look around and observe my surroundings has become a way to ground an anxious or sad mind mode. Not talking seems to be really important in that moment. And and as long as there isn’t an actual physical threat or any environmental harshness (sounds in particular) directly focused on me, it’s amazing to feel the world just sitting there… as if time is standing still. Reminds me of that feeling of being young with nothing to do. That bored summer vacation kid. It feels good – it’s like a remedy. I dunno if this is related to what you wrote, but for me what you wrote made a connection to these thoughts.


    1. I think mindfulness practice will mean something different to different people and can be practiced in a number of ways- whatever works for you. I don’t think there’s a right or wrong in how/when/where you practice if it’s making you feel grounded, alive, content. Cool that the post made you think about the application of mindfulness in your own life.


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