Women Act for Climate Justice, 2016

What is Women Act For Climate Justice?

October 28th – November 6th (2016) are dedicated to action and communication by women on behalf of global climate justice!

This is an opportunity to harness our attention onto local and global environmental issues before the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change – COPP2 occurs, in  Morocco in November. This is where governments will meet to discuss action, and will reflect on concerns that face normal people.

So during this ten day period women and girls are encouraged to share photos and statements about environmental issues that affect them locally, along with action they are taking individually or in community.

Why Women? 

Mainstream society still promotes male suppression of emotions, while women across the world still face many disadvantages because of their gender. The feminine energy is an undervalued resource.

But it has been shown that empowering women with more opportunities can benefit the wider community. Feminine qualities such as empathy and nurture have huge potential to heal trauma and to care for the earth.

So we should look to women and girls who are passionately and dedicatedly fighting for their rights and for global climate justice for everyone.

What Can I Do? 

Whoever you are – I encourage you to consider what environmental issues affect you on a local level, and what action you could take to combat these.

This could be pledging to be a more eco-friendly consumer in your lifetime, reducing waste in your own home, or something larger like joining a local environmental group and protesting/campaigning/brainstorming for change on a societal level.

I also encourage you to spend some time getting in touch with your emotions and connecting to the earth. Try short meditations focusing on your breath, journal or draw to explore self-expression, take a walk through a park or forest and acknowledge the trees. (And you should really give your mom a hug and thank her for bringing you into the world, an example of feminine strength if there ever was one!)

Do not underestimate the positive impacts you can make for the planet – on the flip side, do not underestimate the negative impacts you can make for the planet. Every little helps.

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Resources to check out:

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