I recently watched a video about ‘why relationships fail’ which highlighted how too often in relationships people miscommunicate or don’t even advocate for what they need from others in order to feel loved. This applies to romantic relationships, as well as those between family and friends. Maybe this happens because people are too afraid to ask, don’t know how to communicate their needs properly, or don’t even recognise what they want/need from others.

Having the self awareness to understand what makes you feel loved and being able to communicate this directly and honestly to others is a good step towards getting what you need. As partners, friends, children, parents, siblings, etc. we can also take better care of our loved ones if we know what really makes them feel loved, appreciated and secure. We can’t assume that because one person likes a certain thing that the next person will like the same. And we also can’t assume that everybody knows how to accommodate our needs without us having expressed them.

I really enjoyed hearing about this topic and taking some time to consider what needs I have when it comes to feeling valued in any sort of relationship. I encourage anyone interested to do the same!

The woman who created the video is getting people to use the hashtag #howtoloveme and publish their lists on social media to share their needs with others and to promote this discussion. See my list on the new instagram for The Space Between here: https://www.instagram.com/thespacebetween.live/

Watch the video about ‘why relationships fail’ here:


Take a test to find out what your love language is here: http://www.5lovelanguages.com



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