About Me

I am a mid twenties chica. I was born in the United States. My family left the US when I was seven years old. I’ve lived in New Zealand, and now the United Kingdom for the majority of my life.

I have a Bachelors degree in Archaeology and Anthropology and a Masters degree in Youth Justice, Community Safety, and Applied Criminology. I’ve learnt about the history and development of modern man, the social construction of norms and stereotypes, and the systemic violence and oppression that impacts racial, housing, food and economic equality.

My life will always be bi-continental. My two countries share a linked history and underlying similarities, but also have clear cultural differences. My identity continues to be shaped by them, their relationships with other places, and my connection to other people on this earth. This is something that has really presented itself to me recently, and I think it’s a pretty cool part of being a human.

Things That Make Me Happy

| Sunshine | Mexican Food | Relentless Giggles with Friends | Random Acts of Kindness | Hikes | Beach Visits | Central London Strolls | Dancing to Good Music |

Things I Like To Do

| Play Music with Friends | Take Photographs | Meet New People & Learn What Inspires Them | Travel to New Places | Go for a Dog Walk | Go to Shows, Concerts & Movies |


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