About the Blog

It’s an interesting time for the world politically and culturally. Modern life seems to be coming to a head which is no longer sustainable, on many fronts. So it’s a good time to challenge the default mode of being, and to actively participate in the creation of a world which strives to do better for everyone. And that all has to start somewhere, so I’m reaching out to connect through this platform.

I am interested in finding affective ways of communicating with others, and inviting the appropriation of materials to break down barriers & connect each person’s experience with the next. I am experimenting with written word, photo-essays and video, as different ways of passing along ideas and creating dialogues.

If we begin to situate ourselves not only in relation to our families, but to our communities & nations, and in turn the global community we can become empowered. If you accept this, no longer are your choices and behaviours just for you; they affect everything. And you are affected and shaped by other people and your surroundings.

With this sense of connectedness comes a respect for others, a respect for the earth, and a respect for yourself. Maybe if we place more importance on these values, we will all have the chance to live more healthy and fulfilled lives.