Black Lives Matter Rally, London 2016

These photos were mainly taken with my iPhone at the Black Lives Matter rally through Central London today (June 10th 2016). I just wanted to capture some of the messages and vibes people brought. It was super peaceful and the theme of unity rang through. I was glad to join with Brits to stand in solidarity with the United States. There was space held for existing police prejudice in the UK at this rally also. There’s still a lot of backlash to the #BlackLivesMatter movement – people seem to find the phrase threatening. Yes, all lives matter. Of course they do. … Continue reading Black Lives Matter Rally, London 2016

London; a Visual Ethnology

Earlier this month I visited the exhibition Strange and Familiar: Britain as Revealed by International Photographers at the Barbican. It was interesting to see a range of photographers’ visual experience of Britain at various stages of the Twentieth Century. After my post Embracing Shifting Identities and the recent ‘Leave’ outcome of the EU Referendum, I decided to explore London through my dual citizen lens (which gives me a certain level of detachment). I made a point to notice things that have become normal to me – things that I pass by or interact with regularly in my London life and take for granted … Continue reading London; a Visual Ethnology

The Lifecycle of an Object & Alternative Markets

My background in archaeology informs the way I think about sustainability. I think it’s interesting to consider the lifecycle of the objects that we interact with from being made, transported, purchased/obtained, used, kept, trashed or recycled. These images were collected from a few sessions of wandering around the Berkeley Flea Market at Ashby Bart, and a visit to the East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse. It was cool to see how the items were presented, and to visualise things put into collections or lined up alongside something completely different. These objects had all seen the initial stages of their lifecycle, and were … Continue reading The Lifecycle of an Object & Alternative Markets

Recycled & Found-Object Art at Albany Bulb

The Albany Bulb is a cool funky spot in the Bay Area. It sits near the water with gorgeous views, and forms part of the many walking places along the bay. In the 60s it was used as a landfill for construction debris, so there’s a lot of concrete and other materials in and amongst the shoreline. It’s now a great site for urban art spotting; graffiti artists have painted many of the concrete slabs, and others have made sculptures out of recycled materials such as bike parts, metals, wood, etc. The energy was vibrant with many colours, textures and patterns to be seen, … Continue reading Recycled & Found-Object Art at Albany Bulb

A Peek Into Co-operative Living

The Fish House is a co-op in Berkeley (CA) made up of eight lovely house mates. These individuals share similar values and decided to come together to make collective choices to live more sustainably. This includes a recycling and re-using scheme, obtaining food from quality sources, growing some of their own greens, keeping chickens for eggs, reducing water use, etc. A lot of collaboration goes into this style of community living, with each member contributing equally (i.e. with a weekly chore and cooking rota). I’ve been lucky enough to make friends with this cool bunch of people, and have been exposed to how … Continue reading A Peek Into Co-operative Living