Sustainable Gifting; 7 Tips for the Holiday Season

As the Winter holiday time approaches, why not challenge yourself to be as sustainable as possible with all the gifting you do this year! Giving thoughtfully and sustainably is something my mom instilled in me from childhood. When we were little kids at Christmas time we would donate toys to local drives for families unable to provide the same comforts for their children as we received. Over the past couple of Winters me and mom have organised packages for street homeless people, to give out during London’s coldest months. (I will probably write a blog post on the London Community Homeless Project during … Continue reading Sustainable Gifting; 7 Tips for the Holiday Season

London Stories Made By Migrants

Last night I attended an event called London Stories Made by Migrants; True Stories, Told by the People who Lived Them at Battersea Arts Centre. Six different people invited me to hear their stories about connections to England and other parts of the world, about their struggles and the quirkiness of life. It was very special. I can hardly do justice to the connection evoked in sitting directly opposite people telling such diverse and emotive lived experiences. But I hope in sharing brief parts of the stories I heard, that you can imagine these people and recognise a shared sense of … Continue reading London Stories Made By Migrants

Women Act for Climate Justice, 2016

What is Women Act For Climate Justice? October 28th – November 6th (2016) are dedicated to action and communication by women on behalf of global climate justice! This is an opportunity to harness our attention onto local and global environmental issues before the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change – COPP2 occurs, in  Morocco in November. This is where governments will meet to discuss action, and will reflect on concerns that face normal people. So during this ten day period women and girls are encouraged to share photos and statements about environmental issues that affect them locally, along with … Continue reading Women Act for Climate Justice, 2016

Exploring Mindfulness

Mindfulness is something I’ve been thinking about and practicing over the past couple years in one form or another. Over time and where I’m at now, it has become a more tangible and definable state of being. The more I strengthen my mindfulness practice the more engrained it is in my every day life, and is something I can never lose. For me mindfulness and looking after my wellbeing is about self-awareness (noticing how I feel in situations), self-care (knowing what I need to feel comfortable or happy, and creating that for myself), connecting to other people and the world, approaching situations with … Continue reading Exploring Mindfulness

Shout Out to My Girlies

(You know who you are) I just finished the book Moving Toward the Millionth Circle: Energizing the Global Women’s Movement by Jean Shinoda Bolen. It made me think about the powerful effect that supportive circles of women can have, not only on the individuals themselves but on the larger wellbeing of the world. Empathy, compassion, kindness, intuition – these energies are all stereotypically related to ‘the feminine’ and are sincerely constructive in breaking down negativity, hate and fear. The book got me to reflect on my recent interactions with my main sistas/chicas/galpals. The time we make for each other, the care, acceptance and trust we … Continue reading Shout Out to My Girlies

We The People

Listen If you close your eyes and listen with your heart you will feel the change that wants to come “We are in this together” Yet ‘together’ still excludes some   Connect Allow yourself to be affected by those who have walked different paths Through time we’ve met progress No longer do we divide by the colour of our skin yet it’s known within that true change takes – longer than this   Grow The earth is moving, forwards She’s not waiting anymore This place of the ‘one’ and the ‘many’, we have been here too long Familiarity becomes complicity … Continue reading We The People