What I do for Self Care

I spent sooo many days this winter with a lingering flu/cold. This meant lots of time in bed, sleeping, eating crappy foods, not being super social or active, etc. And I know that eating well, being active and social, and having a routine are super important factors to keep me feeling happy/healthy. So this period of inactivity has left me feeling extremely drained and overall my habits are less healthy than before. In order to start feeling the best I possibly can, and to remind myself how to pick back up from future gloomy/sicky days, I put together a little list of … Continue reading What I do for Self Care

London Stories Made By Migrants

Last night I attended an event called London Stories Made by Migrants; True Stories, Told by the People who Lived Them at Battersea Arts Centre. Six different people invited me to hear their stories about connections to England and other parts of the world, about their struggles and the quirkiness of life. It was very special. I can hardly do justice to the connection evoked in sitting directly opposite people telling such diverse and emotive lived experiences. But I hope in sharing brief parts of the stories I heard, that you can imagine these people and recognise a shared sense of … Continue reading London Stories Made By Migrants