What I do for Self Care

I spent sooo many days this winter with a lingering flu/cold. This meant lots of time in bed, sleeping, eating crappy foods, not being super social or active, etc. And I know that eating well, being active and social, and having a routine are super important factors to keep me feeling happy/healthy. So this period of inactivity has left me feeling extremely drained and overall my habits are less healthy than before. In order to start feeling the best I possibly can, and to remind myself how to pick back up from future gloomy/sicky days, I put together a little list of … Continue reading What I do for Self Care

On Declaring Your Ethnicity

In the process of applying for jobs this past year, I’ve filled out a lot of Equal Opportunities Monitoring Forms. These forms ask you to declare the basic categorisable information about you as a person: gender, sexual orientation, date of birth, religious affiliation, disability, and ethnicity. I declare as ‘white’. I have white skin, and my bloodline is nearly 3/4 European. But I’m also 1/4 Mexican. I get that from my Grandpa and it’s a part of me that I am quite proud of. My Grandpa died when I was 7 years old so I didn’t get to know him very well, but I … Continue reading On Declaring Your Ethnicity