Living the Adventure (Wherever You Are)

I’m super guilty of having a wandering eye when it comes to adventures, traveling, and living in other places to where I currently am. This is likely the product of spending time growing up in several different countries, and the inherent struggle around where truly feels like ‘home’. It may also be the product of studying things like history & classical civilisations, art, spanish, archaeology & anthropology as a young person; being introduced to the development of human kind and the diversity of culture that exists on our planet makes me want to learn and grow by connecting with new … Continue reading Living the Adventure (Wherever You Are)

Women Act for Climate Justice, 2016

What is Women Act For Climate Justice? October 28th – November 6th (2016) are dedicated to action and communication by women on behalf of global climate justice! This is an opportunity to harness our attention onto local and global environmental issues before the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change – COPP2 occurs, in ¬†Morocco in November. This is where governments will meet to discuss action, and will reflect on concerns that face normal people. So during this ten day period women and girls are encouraged to share photos and statements about environmental issues that affect them locally, along with … Continue reading Women Act for Climate Justice, 2016