Why It’s Important to Talk About Gentrification

Gentrification is a big word that is now often applicable in both London and the Bay Area (and I’m sure many other hubs of western capitalism). What themes and imagery come to mind when you hear that word? In all honesty the answer to that question is probably influenced by your skin colour and socioeconomic background. Initially when I think about gentrification I imagine an increase in hipster coffee shops and new high rise ‘luxury apartments’ that only employees of tech/other business industries can afford.  To others the word represents a much more impactful, familiar theme of perpetuated oppression, inequality … Continue reading Why It’s Important to Talk About Gentrification

Black Lives Matter Rally, London 2016

These photos were mainly taken with my iPhone at the Black Lives Matter rally through Central London today (June 10th 2016). I just wanted to capture some of the messages and vibes people brought. It was super peaceful and the theme of unity rang through. I was glad to join with Brits to stand in solidarity with the United States. There was space held for existing police prejudice in the UK at this rally also. There’s still a lot of backlash to the #BlackLivesMatter movement – people seem to find the phrase threatening. Yes, all lives matter. Of course they do. … Continue reading Black Lives Matter Rally, London 2016

Staying Woke

Stay Woke; The Black Lives Matter Movement is a documentary which aired recently on BET: The Truth Series. It takes us back through prominent instances of police violence against black Americans from the last few years (with a focus mainly on males), and the community created in response. For those who don’t know the #BlackLivesMatter movement was initiated in response to the 2012 jury ruling to acquit George Zimmerman of his crime and to posthumously place Trayvon Martin on trial for his own murder. Most people recognise the well known victims of similar violence which has occurred in the past few … Continue reading Staying Woke