Clearing the Closet, Clearing the Mind

Wow it’s been a long time since I’ve been motivated to write something on here. Between work, studying my masters, and seeing my mom off on a year long journey in New Zealand, I have become very distracted. My mind has been full and my mindfulness practice and other self care has often been neglected. Things have calmed a bit in the last couple of weeks, and I have been able to think about my next chapter (another 5 months down the line yet, but time is going quickly). I’ve been thinking about what I want to carry forwards with … Continue reading Clearing the Closet, Clearing the Mind

Sustainable Gifting; 7 Tips for the Holiday Season

As the Winter holiday time approaches, why not challenge yourself to be as sustainable as possible with all the gifting you do this year! Giving thoughtfully and sustainably is something my mom instilled in me from childhood. When we were little kids at Christmas time we would donate toys to local drives for families unable to provide the same comforts for their children as we received. Over the past couple of Winters me and mom have organised packages for street homeless people, to give out during London’s coldest months. (I will probably write a blog post on the London Community Homeless Project during … Continue reading Sustainable Gifting; 7 Tips for the Holiday Season

Women Act for Climate Justice, 2016

What is Women Act For Climate Justice? October 28th – November 6th (2016) are dedicated to action and communication by women on behalf of global climate justice! This is an opportunity to harness our attention onto local and global environmental issues before the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change – COPP2 occurs, in  Morocco in November. This is where governments will meet to discuss action, and will reflect on concerns that face normal people. So during this ten day period women and girls are encouraged to share photos and statements about environmental issues that affect them locally, along with … Continue reading Women Act for Climate Justice, 2016

What I Eat in a Day – Ideas for World Meat Free Day

Monday June 13th is World Meat Free Day. Never heard of it before? Nor me until it popped up on Facebook a few minutes ago… I’m glad it did because it gave me impetus to write a “What I eat in a day” sort of post – with meal and snack suggestions to take you through an entire day meat free. I’m a vegetarian so meat isn’t part of my diet anyway, some of these recipes will have dairy in though. If you are a meat eater interested in giving yourself the challenge to go a day entirely without, these are … Continue reading What I Eat in a Day – Ideas for World Meat Free Day

The Lifecycle of an Object & Alternative Markets

My background in archaeology informs the way I think about sustainability. I think it’s interesting to consider the lifecycle of the objects that we interact with from being made, transported, purchased/obtained, used, kept, trashed or recycled. These images were collected from a few sessions of wandering around the Berkeley Flea Market at Ashby Bart, and a visit to the East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse. It was cool to see how the items were presented, and to visualise things put into collections or lined up alongside something completely different. These objects had all seen the initial stages of their lifecycle, and were … Continue reading The Lifecycle of an Object & Alternative Markets

Sustainable Food Sources for Locals (Bay-Area)

Hey Bay Area Peeps! After writing my blog post Living a More Sustainable Life; 5 Simple Choices I Make I realised that it might be useful to compose a small list of food resources that I am positive about. These are all local and accessible to anyone in the Bay who wants to make more sustainable and healthy choices but may feel disconnected or stuck. Check ’em out: *At this time my aim is not to shock or disturb anyone with imagery or facts about the maltreatment of animals or climate change stats. Rather I want to reiterate the importance of making informed choices … Continue reading Sustainable Food Sources for Locals (Bay-Area)

A Peek Into Co-operative Living

The Fish House is a co-op in Berkeley (CA) made up of eight lovely house mates. These individuals share similar values and decided to come together to make collective choices to live more sustainably. This includes a recycling and re-using scheme, obtaining food from quality sources, growing some of their own greens, keeping chickens for eggs, reducing water use, etc. A lot of collaboration goes into this style of community living, with each member contributing equally (i.e. with a weekly chore and cooking rota). I’ve been lucky enough to make friends with this cool bunch of people, and have been exposed to how … Continue reading A Peek Into Co-operative Living