What I do for Self Care

I spent sooo many days this winter with a lingering flu/cold. This meant lots of time in bed, sleeping, eating crappy foods, not being super social or active, etc. And I know that eating well, being active and social, and having a routine are super important factors to keep me feeling happy/healthy. So this period of inactivity has left me feeling extremely drained and overall my habits are less healthy than before. In order to start feeling the best I possibly can, and to remind myself how to pick back up from future gloomy/sicky days, I put together a little list of … Continue reading What I do for Self Care

DIY Natural Vegan Skin Care

I’ve been looking at recipes/instructions for making your own skin care products out of natural vegan sources. It’s pretty clear that the chemicals and materials in mainstream products can be harmful to our bodies, and it’s also common for brands to test their products on animals. I want to commit to practices which avoid these negative impacts, and this is one area where it’s pretty easy to do something about it! So why not. This was also a fun project to undertake from the research, trials and errors, and use of the products. And it didn’t take very long to make … Continue reading DIY Natural Vegan Skin Care