Living the Adventure (Wherever You Are)

I’m super guilty of having a wandering eye when it comes to adventures, traveling, and living in other places to where I currently am. This is likely the product of spending time growing up in several different countries, and the inherent struggle around where truly feels like ‘home’. It may also be the product of studying things like history & classical civilisations, art, spanish, archaeology & anthropology as a young person; being introduced to the development of human kind and the diversity of culture that exists on our planet makes me want to learn and grow by connecting with new … Continue reading Living the Adventure (Wherever You Are)

5 Inspiring & Informative Books to Read

I wanted to share some books that I’ve read that have inspired and informed me in really pertinent ways! 1. The Power of Now; a Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment by Eckhart Tolle This book highlights how identifying with rigid identities (built from our thought processes and experiences as individuals) can lead to unnecessary emotional suffering. It invites a deconstruction of our egoic selves in the place of a more more fluid, connected, perspective in which each individual forms part of a much larger collective.  It also promotes techniques for focusing on the present moment as a path towards enlightenment.   … Continue reading 5 Inspiring & Informative Books to Read

What I do for Self Care

I spent sooo many days this winter with a lingering flu/cold. This meant lots of time in bed, sleeping, eating crappy foods, not being super social or active, etc. And I know that eating well, being active and social, and having a routine are super important factors to keep me feeling happy/healthy. So this period of inactivity has left me feeling extremely drained and overall my habits are less healthy than before. In order to start feeling the best I possibly can, and to remind myself how to pick back up from future gloomy/sicky days, I put together a little list of … Continue reading What I do for Self Care

Starting the New Year with Gratitude

Did you know that our brains are programmed to inherently focus on the negative rather than positive? This could be due to evolutionary survival purposes, social conditioning, and/or other reasons. And it inevitably has an impact on any mental health difficulties we are facing (both as individuals and societies). But with practice we can shift our default ways of thinking to promote more healthy, happier minds. One good way of incorporating gratitude as an aspect of your everyday life is to keep a gratitude/appreciation (for both yourself and others) journal! It’s the beginning of another year, a good time to … Continue reading Starting the New Year with Gratitude

Why It’s Important to Talk About Gentrification

Gentrification is a big word that is now often applicable in both London and the Bay Area (and I’m sure many other hubs of western capitalism). What themes and imagery come to mind when you hear that word? In all honesty the answer to that question is probably influenced by your skin colour and socioeconomic background. Initially when I think about gentrification I imagine an increase in hipster coffee shops and new high rise ‘luxury apartments’ that only employees of tech/other business industries can afford.  To others the word represents a much more impactful, familiar theme of perpetuated oppression, inequality … Continue reading Why It’s Important to Talk About Gentrification


I recently watched a video about ‘why relationships fail’ which highlighted how too often in relationships people miscommunicate or don’t even advocate for what they need from others in order to feel loved. This applies to romantic relationships, as well as those between family and friends. Maybe this happens because people are too afraid to ask, don’t know how to communicate their needs properly, or don’t even recognise what they want/need from others. Having the self awareness to understand what makes you feel loved and being able to communicate this directly and honestly to others is a good step towards … Continue reading #howtoloveme

Clearing the Closet, Clearing the Mind

Wow it’s been a long time since I’ve been motivated to write something on here. Between work, studying my masters, and seeing my mom off on a year long journey in New Zealand, I have become very distracted. My mind has been full and my mindfulness practice and other self care has often been neglected. Things have calmed a bit in the last couple of weeks, and I have been able to think about my next chapter (another 5 months down the line yet, but time is going quickly). I’ve been thinking about what I want to carry forwards with … Continue reading Clearing the Closet, Clearing the Mind